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City Light Church strives to be true to the Great Commission. Dozens of studies have confirmed that the average new church plant gains most of its new members (60–80%) from the ranks of people who are not attending any church! This means that the average new church will bring six to eight times more people to the body of Christ! There are approximately 317 churches in Moore county with an average church attendance of 50-100 people. This means literally only 30% of the population attends church and 70,000 people do not attend a church or may have never been exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ!


Moore county has a growing population of nearly 100,000 residents and sits next to Fort Bragg which is the largest military installations in the United States. With that being said Moore County is being infiltrated with new residents,new generations and new people groups that we have the opportunity to share the gospel message and watch thousands of lives be changed by Christ love!


We are passionate about bringing people to Christ, helping people discover their purpose and bringing unity to our city. We are here to serve and add value to Southern Pines NC and surrounding cities. City Light’s mission is to shine Christ Light throughout our city which is founded upon the scripture in Matthew 5:13-16 message bible translation. To simply put it, we are to share this abundant life we’ve been given to everyone in our city(our places of influence).


Our 5 step plan to accomplish this mission is:

1.Bringing People into a real relationship with Jesus Christ

2.Uniting them to the local church as family 

3.Helping them grow and discover their purpose 

4.Training them to serve in ministry 

5. Sending them back to their city to serve!


It is our hearts desire that Jesus Christ will be Glorified and his Kingdom continually expands! We invite you to be apart of this life giving ministry and join our team!

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